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Kte hamburger kolleg -katrin seidel  www.gсr21.org
The international research centre questions possibilities for global cooperation, and examines cultural premises and dynamics of emerging global governance.

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The international research centre questions possibilities for global cooperation, and examines cultural premises and dynamics of emerging global governance

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Nursing conferences , usa , worldwide events , europe , asia , middle east , 2016 , 2017  www.nursing.сonferenсeseries.сom
Meet leading registered nurses, doctors, deans, healthcare specialists, professors, honory presidents, society members, association members from dallas, san francisco, texas, florida, maryland, boston, europe;

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International federation of musicians  www.fim-musiciаns.org
Fim is the only global organisation for musicians trade unions, guilds and associations

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Blog  www.еfmd.org
Dynamic network of business schools and management development professionals that facilitates learning, accreditation, debate and exchange on best practices

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Orphanews : the newsletter of the rare disease community  www.orphа.net
Fr content=base de donnes sur les maladies rares et les mdicaments orphelins

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Cultural heritage and prisoners of war: creativity behind barbed wire - university of cambridge institute of continuing education  www.ice.cаm.аc.uk
Book edited by gilly carr and harold mytum (2012), routledge, 316pp. , hardback, isbn: 978-0-415-52215-1

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Pharmaceutical regulatory and compliance congress: home  www.phаrmаcongress.com
Pharma congress - the leading forum on pharmaceutical, biotechnology and genomics regulation and compliance.

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