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Next-week-in-focus-7-July-2014.pdf  www.cdn.аucklаnd.аc.nz
Week In Focus - University of Auckland Jul 7, 2014 Business seminars. However, the conference is not limited HETSA English, Drama and Writing Studies seminar. Carla Harryman: The 

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Renewal Application - NZ Society of Diversional Therapists Attended workshops or seminars in the last 12 months evidence required. (1). See attached certificate. Researching articles/internet Write a short review on information obtained. (1) Attended Auckland conference. 5. Other e. G.  

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AAPBS-Case-Center-Brochure.pdf  www.ааpbs.org
Case Center - Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools 2013 & 2014 Case Teaching and Writing Workshops. Contact www. Business. Auckland. Ac. Nz/uoa writing for our AAPBS constituents and member schools.

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