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Sap events , webinars , conferences , videos  www.sаp.com
Discover sap events, webinars, conferences, videos, and training seminars. Hear from business and it experts on software and technology innovations.

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Get software and technology solutions from sap, the leader in business applications. Run simple with the best in cloud, analytics, mobile and it solutions.

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The best design conferences in 2017 around the world, including ted, sxsw and design indaba quartz  www.qz.сom
With the price of airfares dropping, 2017 may be the year to search for creativeinspiration beyond your city. For veteran or jaded conference goers, challenge yourself to step outside your usual creativecircuit and head to a new destination to learn skills, encounter new ideas and meet people. Sometimes attending a forumthat's not entirely about your...

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Quartz is a guide to the new global economy for people in business who are excited by change. We cover business, economics, markets, finance, technology, science, design, and fashion.

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