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KlausAdamCV.pdf  www.аdаm.vwl.uni-mаnnheim.de
CV here ‎ Vice Chair, Euro Area Business Cycle Network (EABCN), since 2013 Keynote speaker, Lyon Workshop on 'Experiments in monetary policy', November 2014 ORGANIZATION OF CONFERENCES AND SEMINARS Helsinki; University of Helsinki; Humboldt University, Berlin; University of Mannheim; University.

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ASA-SciRec2014.pdf  www.iiаsа.аc.аt
UPDATE 2014 Scientific Recognition: Advanced - IIASA ‎ Ekaterinburg, Russia, International Conference dedicated to the 90th Moscow, Russia, Workshop dedicated to the memory of Academician A. N. Tikhonov. Helsinki, Finland, Seminar on Foresight”: How to meet uncertainty of the Jena, Germany, International Schumpeter Society Conference”, Plenary Session Chair.

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Acad-cv-2015-v3.pdf  www.philosophie.uzh.сh
Gubelmann: Curriculum Vitae ‎ Zurich, Workshop: Leibniz' Notion of Substance”, 27 September 2013 University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Conference: 15th Congress of Logic, Methodology Chair Hausendorf, Department of German Linguistics, spring 2008 to spring 2010.

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CVBartling.pdf  www.eсon.uzh.сh
Vitae Björn Bartling - Department of Economics ‎ 5 Jul 2015 Oberassistent at the chair of Ernst Fehr, University of Zurich. April–July. Invited Seminars, Workshops, and Conference Presentations 2010: Nordic Behavioral and Experimental Economics Conference, Helsinki • German.

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