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KlausAdamCV.pdf  www.аdаm.vwl.uni-mаnnheim.de
CV here ‎ Vice Chair, Euro Area Business Cycle Network (EABCN), since 2013 Keynote speaker, Lyon Workshop on 'Experiments in monetary policy', November 2014 ORGANIZATION OF CONFERENCES AND SEMINARS Helsinki; University of Helsinki; Humboldt University, Berlin; University of Mannheim; University.

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ASA-SciRec2014.pdf  www.iiаsа.аc.аt
UPDATE 2014 Scientific Recognition: Advanced - IIASA ‎ Ekaterinburg, Russia, International Conference dedicated to the 90th Moscow, Russia, Workshop dedicated to the memory of Academician A. N. Tikhonov. Helsinki, Finland, Seminar on Foresight”: How to meet uncertainty of the Jena, Germany, International Schumpeter Society Conference”, Plenary Session Chair.

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Acad-cv-2015-v3.pdf  www.philosophie.uzh.сh
Gubelmann: Curriculum Vitae ‎ Zurich, Workshop: Leibniz' Notion of Substance”, 27 September 2013 University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Conference: 15th Congress of Logic, Methodology Chair Hausendorf, Department of German Linguistics, spring 2008 to spring 2010.

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CVBartling.pdf  www.eсon.uzh.сh
Vitae Björn Bartling - Department of Economics ‎ 5 Jul 2015 Oberassistent at the chair of Ernst Fehr, University of Zurich. April–July. Invited Seminars, Workshops, and Conference Presentations 2010: Nordic Behavioral and Experimental Economics Conference, Helsinki • German.

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55thConference.pdf  www.аes.org
International Conference, Helsinki, Finland - Audio Engineering ‎ doubt many more related sessions, workshops, and tutorials at other events. The conference The conference took place in the Helsinki Music Centre, which opened in 2011 and is shared by program, Tapio Lokki acted as papers chair, Teemu Koski was the secretary SEMINARS AND DEMONSTRATIONS. AT AALTO 

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The leading professional association worldwide for professionals and students involved in the audio industry. The aes serves its members, the industry and the public by stimulating and facilitating advances in the constantly changing field of audio. It encourages and disseminates new developments through annual technical meetings and exhibitions of pro audio equipment, and through the journal of the audio engineering society, the professional archival publication of the audio industry.

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CIDOC-activityreport-part1-2012-eng.pdf  www.network.iсom.museum
CIDOC Activity Report - The International Council of Museums ‎ 14 Jun 2012 The board also met several times during the Helsinki conference in June. Nick Crofts, CIDOC Chair, visited the Helsinki organizing committee in. Two days of workshops and introductory seminars were added at the start 

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International council of museums. Promotion and development of museums and museum professionals at an international level.

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