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Cv-battaglini-june-2016.pdf  www.еiеf.it
PDF - EIEF ‎ Director of the William S. Dietrich II Economic Theory Center, 2012-2015. Review of Monetary Economics (accepted, December 2015). 4. . Wallis conference ( Rochester University, October 2009), Yale, economics department 2016), Warwick-Princeton conference in political economy (March 2016), WZB (Berlin,.

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Nelson-CV-September2016.pdf  www.faculty.wcas.northwestern.edu
- Northwestern University ‎ New York: Oxford University Press (forthcoming, 2016). SWP Comments 45 ( December 2012): 1-8. James F. Slevin Assignment Sequence Prize, the John S. Knight Institute for Writing in Conference, Workshop, and Seminar Presentations Politik, Berlin (2012), Law and Globalization in a Comparative Perspective 

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