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Conferences,-seminars-and-workshops.pdf  www.cofs.uwa.edu.au
Seminars and Workshops - Centre for Offshore meeting on Site Assessment of Jack-up Rigs. Society for Underwater Technology Subsea. Conference, Perth, 22-24 February 2012. COFS was well represented 

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Conferences.pdf  www.shirleyrаndell.com.аu
And Australian Conferences, Seminars, Workshops Oct 30, 2013 International and Australian Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and. . Changes, Challenges and Choices, Perth, Australia, November 2006.

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General-events.pdf  www.immi.gov.au
Options for Business Events such as Conferences, Meetings or If you are planning to visit Australia for a business event such as a conference, meeting or seminar, you need to apply for a business visitor visa. The passport 

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ASOR-report.pdf  www.аsor.org.аu
On the 18TH National ASOR Conference 2005 and 11th been held in Perth; the previous conference was in 1990. Singapore office organized the workshop Seminar war games as an objective evaluation tool.

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Presidents2012reporttoagm5march2013.pdf  www.bushlаndperth.org.аu
REPORT TO ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - Urban Mar 5, 2013 The Perth region is itself a world class biodiversity hotspot that lies present a seminar to give the community a status report on Bush Forever? Which held a strategy workshop 18 February to. . 39 War games in coastal.

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The urban bushland council is the peak community organisation for the recognition and protection of urban bushland in perth and the wider western australia.

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KT-Complete-Publications-11082010.pdf  www.griffith.edu.au
TRANTER - Griffith University Aug 11, 2010 Kieran Tranter 'Strategy-Speak: What's To Learn from War Games? ' (2001) 11(9) 508-512. Seminars + Conference Papers Law' presented at the Twenty-Third Australian Law and History Conference, Perth. 2-3 July Difference in Star Trek Nemesis' presented at Galactic Jurisprudence: A Workshop.

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ScreenWest Annual Report 2003-04.pdf  www.screenwest.wa.gov.au
Annual Report - ScreenWest PO BOX 8349 / PERTH BUSINESS CENTRE / WESTERN AUSTRALIA / 6849 / tel [61 8] 9224 7340 fax [61 8] 9224. . The conference was hailed a great success with 450 delegates from. World for war games with the Americans... Broadband In Use Seminar, Melbourne Sound Post Production Workshop, Sydney.

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Response-to-inquiry-into-policy-in-the-indian-ocean-region.pdf  www.dfat.gov.au
To the Inquiry into Australia's foreign, trade and defence Ministers' Meeting (COMM) in Perth on 1 November 2013. . Australia also supported a workshop in August 2012 under the Convention on strategic-level wargaming exercise (Exercise Python) in Perth, with Western. DFAT works closely with the Australia Africa Business Council (AABC) assisting with seminars.

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