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Cv-chen.pdf  www.economics.yale.edu
CHEN - Department of Economics - Yale University ‎ Sep 13, 2014 Society European Meetings (ESEM), Vienna, August 24-28, 2006. World Congress Meeting of the Econometric Society, Shanghai,. . Enno Mammen's 60 birthday conference, Berlin, June 4-6, 2015. . Seminar Presentations:. (7) Conference co-organizer: 4th Shanghai Econometrics Workshop, June 

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Esaf-sch-2015.pdf  www.icаo.int
Meetings, Seminars and Workshops Programme For 2015 ‎ Feb 11, 2015 INTERNATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION ORGANIZATION. EASTERN MEETINGS, SEMINARS AND WORKSHOPS PROGRAMME FOR 2015. Edition: 11 High Level Safety Conference,. Montreal. 20 July - 5 August 2015.

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Cv-pschroeder-en.pdf  www.iааw.hu-berlin.de
- Institut für Asien- und Afrikawissenschaften - Hu-berlin. De ‎ zu Berlin: Central Asian Seminar, Department of. European Ethnology August 2015 Co-organizer Workshop 'Tracing Migration and Global Connectedness 3rd Borders & Identity Conference (BIC), hosted by the Centers for. From Shanghai to Iug-2: Violence and the Urban Youth of a Bishkek.

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ValuePlus2015.pdf  www.limrа.com
EMEA ValuePlus Membership ‎ Networking. Through LIMRA's series of annual conferences, seminars, and workshops, key staff members from your organization can stay up to date on the latest developments, network with other September 2015 in Shanghai: Conference with industry leaders on August 2015 in Cartagena: Conference with industry.

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MyklandCV-Jan2015.pdf  www.galton.uchicago.edu
VITAE PER ASLAK MYKLAND January 2015 ‎ Joint organizer of the Financial Mathematics Workshop (since 2001). . Mathematical finance seminar, University of Wisconsin, Madison (March 1999). Econometric Society World Congress, Shanghai (August 2010) (contributed refereed).

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Established in 1949 to conduct research into advanced statistics and probability, work with others in the application of statistics to investigations in the natural and social sciences, and teach probability and statistical theory and practice on the undergraduate and graduate levels

Cv2014-Chen.pdf  www.cims.nyu.edu
(pdf) - Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences - New York ‎ Jan 30, 2015 1st Prize in Shanghai and National 2nd Prize, China Undergraduate Mathematics of Geophysical Flows and Turbulence, August 17 – 19, and Organization of Tropical Convection, April 26 – May 1, 2015, Conference/ workshop talks: 1. Pressible Flows, CAOS Student Seminar, Courant Institute of  

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Nikitina-list-conferences-earthsciences.pdf  www.iсog.es
Of international conferences, symposia, congresses on Earth ‎ Jan 4, 2014 The seminar is designed for officials from central and regional Goals (MDGs) in Retrospect: Africa's Development Beyond 2015 Workshop: Earthquake Early Warning System, Applications to the. . Conference on geotechnical engineering hold in Shanghai once. . August 30 – September 6, 2014. 21.

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Cv.pdf  www.faculty.chicagobooth.edu
Su - The University of Chicago GSB Information Server ‎ 2014 – 2015. Workshop III on Complementarity and Its Extensions, Institute for Industrial Organization seminar, Department of Economics, Yale University, Econometric Society World Congress 2010, Shanghai, China, August 2010.

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Vitae.pdf  www.math.fsu.edu
Vitae (pdf) - Department of Mathematics - Florida State ‎ Apr 20, 2009 Professor of Mathematics, Florida State University, August 2006 - present. Guest Professor, Fudan University, Shanghai, China... IPAM workshop on Turbulent Transport and Mixing, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA,. . Co-organizer, ICIAM 2015 Satellite Conference on Mathematics of Geophysical Flows.

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