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Unoda-calendar-2015.pdf  www.un.оrg
Calendar of Events - the United Nations ‎ Jan 12, 2015 Geneva, Switzerland Legislative workshop on the implementation of BWC in Burkina Faso BWC round table. Conference on Physical Security and Stockpile Management in the Sahel Seminar on disarmament and small arms control: experience sharing. November 30, 2015 - December 4, 2015.

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الأمم المتحدة 联合国 united nations nations unies Организация Объединенных Наций las naciones unidas

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Fsi2015.pdf  www.вis.org
2015 programme - Bank for International Settlements ‎ Overview of 2015 Programme for Financial Sector Supervisors. Global Seminars in Switzerland for Insurance Supervisors. . 8–9 Dec. High-level Meeting for the Middle East and North Africa (Abu Dhabi)... ... ... ... ... ... ... . . 8.

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Summary Report GoE Meeting June 2015 (approved 18 November 2015).pdf  www.ec.europа.eu
June 2015 - European Commission - Europa ‎ Nov 18, 2015 the first meeting of the Group of Experts in their new composition. International organisations ICRP, IAEA, WHO, NEA, IRPA, and HERCA, as well as Switzerland. To an agreement at technical level on a draft text on 3 December. Preparation of the EU Scientific Seminar 2015 on Risk Communication.

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Doc-events-CQ7126-IVD-Regulatory-and-Strategic-Forum.pdf  www.oвelis.net
Regulatory and Strategic Forum - Obelis European Authorized ‎ 8-9 December 2015. Radisson Blu Royal. Coulter, Switzerland World café tables will include the following points to consider: Pre-Conference Workshop: Monday 7th December 2015 Evening Seminar: Tuesday 8th December 2015.

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Description content=obelis provides a range of ce marking consultancy, european authorized representative and european responsible person services. Speak to our experts today!

Wcms-421051.pdf  www.ilо.оrg
Symposia, seminars, workshops and similar meetings - ILO ‎ Oct 30, 2015 Submissions approved between June and October 2015. . Regional Meeting: Round Table for a Latin America and the Caribbean. 2–4 December 2015. Place: Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia,.

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B20-scheduleofevents.pdf  www.вeijing20.unwomen.org
OF EVENTS 2014-2015 - Beijing+20 - UN Women ‎ Aug 11, 2015 Date: 16 December 2014. Location: Paris Press Release. Event: Regional Conference Beijing+20 Meets Post-2015”. Women, through December 10 Human Rights. Day... Location: Global; New York, USA; Geneva, Switzerland. Event: South-South learning seminar on the empowerment of girls.

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We envisage a world where all women and girls have equal opportunities and rights by 2030. Step it up asks governments to make national commitments that will close the gender equality gap - from laws and policies to national action plans and adequate investment. Now is the time to step it up!

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Key GCOS meetings-Sept 2013 - Sept 2014 (1).pdf  www.wmо.int
Of Meetings - WMO ‎ GOOS Biogeochemistry and Biology Workshop, 13-15 November, Australia. • International EC-CWE face-to-face meeting at WMO, 10-12 December 2013, Geneva, Switzerland GCOS Round Table, 28 January, MeteoSuisse, Zürich, Switzerland. Joint WG Climate, week 23-27 March 2015, WMO, Geneva, Switerland.

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