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Erkao.pdf  www.math.ucla.edu
Bao - UCLA Department of Mathematics ‎ Postdoctoral Fellow, Chinese University of Hong Kong, June 2013 - December Construction of Fukaya Categories, Topology Seminar, UCLA, April 25, 2014. Workshop and Conference on Holomorphic Curves and Low Dimensional Teaching Assistant, Math Department, UW-Madison, September 2007 - May 2013.

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Cv.pdf  www.people.math.sc.edu
THORNE - University of South Carolina ‎ Sep 19, 2014 Counting Arithmetic Objects, Montreal, Summer 2014. At an earlier stage of ( 2012/13), Proceedings of the Integers Conference 2011, Paper No. A5, 23 pp. . Number Theory Seminar, Clemson University, November 2011. Colloquium, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, May 2013.

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Cv-MatthewYoung.pdf  www.hkumаth.hku.hk
Vitae Matthew B. Young - The University of Hong Kong ‎ 2014 Orientifolds of open/closed topological field theories and Apr. National University of Singapore, Geometry and topology seminar. Nov. The University of Hong Kong, International Workshop on Geometry and June Centre de Recherches Mathématiques, Conference on Moduli Spaces and Teaching Activities.

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Komjathy-CV.pdf  www.home.sandiego.edu
VITAE - University of San Diego Home Pages ‎ 2010-2012.organizer and Facilitator, THRS 112 Teaching Seminar, Department of Theology and Spirituality annual meeting (San Diego), November 21, 2014. 2014. Facilitator, Teaching Contemplative Traditions Workshop, Baylor Center for Jewish Travel Grant for Daoism in Action conference, Hong Kong (2007).

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Staff Development Report 2013-2014.pdf  www.smgchk.edu.hk
Record of Seminars Workshops 2013-2014. Xlsx - St. Margaret's Jul 2, 2013 17 Sep 2013. Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination 2014 - 10 23 Oct 2013 Teachers' Conference for HKDSE Integrated Science. HKEAA 14 8 Nov 2013 Briefing on Jupas by Participating Institutions.

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