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PG-newsletter-August-2015.pdf  www.аut.аc.nz
Postgraduate e-newsletter - Auckland University of Technology ‎ Aug 29, 2015 Asia Sawv New Zealand Asia Conference 2015. AUT South AUTEC Seminars, Workshops, and Drop In Sessions. 19-21 November 2015.

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Calendar.pdf  www.isе-onlinе.org
Calendar 16 Aug 2015 - International Society of Electrochemistry ‎ Aug 16, 2015 7th International Fuel Cell Workshop 2015. PEFCs: from Basic Medicine and Food & Environmental Technologies. Portorož, Slovenia 29th Conference of the European Colloid and Interface Society (ECIS 2015). Bordeaux. 6-10 November 2015 ** (Sponsored by Division 2) Auckland, New Zealand.

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The aim of the international society of electrochemistry is to serve the worldwide electrochemical community and that of related disciplines through the advancement of electrochemical science and technology, the dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge, and promotion of international cooperation.

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Fsi2015.pdf  www.вis.org
2015 programme - Bank for International Settlements ‎ mation on market products, practices and tech- niques. • To provide Conferences, high-level meetings and seminars in Switzerland and. SEANZA: Central Banks of South East Asia, New Zealand and. Australia Forum of. . Virtual Seminar – a series of webinars during 17 August–25 November 2015. Maximum number 

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06912203.pdf?arnumber=6912203  www.iеееxplorе.iеее.org
- IEEE Xplore ‎ Oct 2, 2014 New Zealand is a relatively small country of approxi- mately five and an inaugural workshop was held on 15th April 2010. The one-day 

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Ieee xplore. Delivering full text access to the world's highest quality technical literature in engineering and technology.

FWR-EventsDiary.pdf  www.euwfd.сom
- Foundation for Water Research ‎ 10 hours ago seminar focuses on the development of the water industry in the UK might derive from the adoption of these new technologies. For further 

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This website contains information relevant to the water framework directive (wfd). The wfd(2000/60/ec) is the most substantial piece of water legislation ever produced by the european commission, and will provide the major driver for achieving sustainable management of water in the uk and other member states for many years to come. It requires that all inland and coastal waters within defined river basin districts must reach at least good status by 2015 and defines how this should be achieved through the establishment of environmental objectives and ecological targets for surface waters. The result will be a healthy water environment achieved by taking due account of environmental, economic and social considerations.

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IL14074-ILSI Scientific Programs 2014-FA-LR.PDF?Mobile=1&Source=/SEA-Region/-layouts/mobile/view.aspx?List=05d27014-28b2-4a8d-b0d3-a0708971393f&View=e778d870-b329-4208-80a0-0ce046ca3284&CurrentPage=1  www.ilsi.оrg
Programs 2014-2015 - International Life Sciences Institute ‎ Singapore and Vietnam), and Australasia (Australia, New Zealand and nutrition, clinical research, food safety, food technology, biotechnology and. . Seminars and workshops that provide an update on the nutritional and health This conference aims to highlight current scientific knowledge on the gut November 12,.

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PSIVT-2015-bid.pdf  www.psivt.оrg
To host the eighth pacific-‐rim symposium on image - psivt ‎ VIDEO TECHNOLOGY the accompanying workshops, actually with more accpted papers four landmark companies in New Zealand which are major players on the world 2015 between mid-‐November and mid-‐December 2015 in Auckland, at the PSIVT 2015 will be devised based on previous PSIVT conference 

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CFP-20150319.pdf  www.ieeetenсon2015.org
Web - ieee tencon 2015 ‎ Mar 19, 2015 engineers from academia to industry for advancing the technology in More workshops or special sessions will be added in the future, please visit conference website for updated details at http://ieeetencon2015.org 1-4. Nov. MACAU. 2015.organized by. Supporting Societies. CIUR. New Zealand.

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International-research-update-52-january-2015.pdf  www.ec.europа.eu
2015 - European Commission - Europa ‎ Back in Brussels, the Commissioner gave a press conference following the Africa (SA) (30 November - 1 December. RY 2015. EU-Australia Science and. Technology Agreement. 20 years old Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Desk from DG RTD, on.information seminar by the German House of Research.

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