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To deliver four major conferences in 2018 - Public Health ‎ conferences in 2018. 1. Two roads converge in a yellow wood. 2. Sugary Drinks Proper No Good -. Drink More Water Youfla Campaign. 4. New Resources in Global Health. 5. The 4th Global World Federation of Public Health Associations'. (WFPHA)'s Conference on 20-21 November in Brisbane. The conference is 

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Calendar - NZ Psychological Society ‎ *19-21 April, 2018 25th International Symposium on. Current Issues and Controversies in Psychiatry Barcelona,. Spain. For more information please see http://www. *27-29 April 2018 2018 APS Clinical Psychology. Conference Adelaide, Australia: https:// apsevents.

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2018/2019 - Tourism Australia ‎ Feb 7, 2018 Conference. Tourism WA Roadshow (including Australia Tourism Summit and. Australia Marketplace). Tourism Western Australia 29 January - 9 February Webinar. "Discover the New" Product Workshop. Australian Tourism Export. Council. 22 March. TBC. Sydney. Australia. Workshop. Industry Briefings.

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