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NadineCVOctober2016.pdf  www.testifyingtrаining.com
CV - Expert Witness Training ‎ BOSTON UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW Conference, April 2005. 5. Expert Report Writing Workshop”, SEAK, Inc. Seminar, Chicago, IL, June 2010. 15.

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For over 20 years, we have been training individual expert witnesses, groups and organizations. Our training includes trial & deposition preparation, customized training,

CV - Warren 2015.pdf  www.socialthought.uchicago.edu
WARREN Address: Office - Committee on Social Thought ‎ University of Chicago MA, Johns Hopkins University, The Writing Seminars, 1980 1982–1988 Visiting Assistant Professor, Boston University, University Professors Program. Head, ” translated into French by Aude Pivin, in Conférence n.

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